Week100 - 8Sep03

Another room finished

  • The Dining Room is finished
  • The Heat Pump has a check-up

(Due to a slight technical problem, there are no pictures at this stage for this week. Sorry)

Dining Room

The skirting, architrave and wooden coving are fitted completing the Dining Room.

Heat Pump

Ice Energy's chief engineer called in to check the operation of the heat pump now that it has been running for a few weeks. He also took time out to explain in more detail exactly how it operates.

Basically it operates on a "Heat Curve". This is a formula which it uses to calculate how much heat is required and when. It works as follows:

  • Nothing happens until the outside air temperature drops below a certain (adjustable) figure say 18C then..
  • The water circulating pump for the heating system (under-floor in my case) starts and it monitors the return temperature of the water...
  • If the return temperature is still above the required house temperature (again adjustable, mine is set to 20C) nothing happens but...
  • If it is lower then heat is added

The net effect is that the temperature of the house should remain constant throughout the year. We have not yet had the heating on since the summer so I will let you know later how it works.

Plan for next week:

  • After 100 weeks we take a break!

Next Week


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