Week102 - 22Sep03

This week - two days work  on the house & a collection...

  • Ridgeons Rep examines the cracked Velux Window - faulty. It will be replaced free of charge
  • Fit the en-suite electric towel rail
  • Helen moves in to her bedroom
  • More furniture arrives
  • I got my table & chairs!

Towel Rail

This is an electric towel rail, powered from the mains ring. Most impressed with the fittings and quality but they are not cheap 265.

Check the parts

fit the (very neat) brackets

Job done

Odds & Ends

More of the Laura Ashley order arives - another sofa

Helen moves in!

My generator arrives

I won the auction!

With 15 secs to go on the auction I got the final bid in! Sunday we travelled to Notts to collect it.

We borrowed a lorry from a very generous local business man at the local farm...

We are delighted

especially the Governor!

Plan for next week:

  • Photographs for Home Building & Renovating (March 2004 issue)
  • Some more 2nd fixing - as yet not decided

Next Week


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