Week122 - 9Feb04

This week..

  • Flat En-Suite continues
  • Interview for Home Building & Renovating feature on the house (due Aug/Sep)

Flat En-Suite

With the stud walls complete, I begin fitting the Fermacell (tough fibre board, infinitely better then plasterboard) to one side of the stud work. This allows us to run the wiring & pipework on the other side.

First board fitted to allow..

the light switch to be fitted...

so I can fix the lights.

With 2 sides of the shower complete, the shower tray is fitted & I can build the 3rd wall.

and fit the board.

We have decided this week to make the flat into a complete self-contained flat so next I build another stud wall to close off the bedroom.

1st the frame

then the stud work

finally the Fermacell

again leaving the back side for now.

BT's Home Highway ISDN Update

You will recall the on-going major dispute with BT (see Week 111 and all weeks since). It has been unusable since May.

Still no response this week.

To be continued.....


From the Archives....

So we don't forget what we have achieved here is a quick look at what we were doing one and two years ago.

Two years age ( Week 18 on the left) the main footings are poured

One year ago,  (Week 70 on the right) our Kitchen becomes operational!


Next week:

  • 1st Fix plumbing for the Flat En-Suite & Kitchen
  • Stud walls, 1st fix electrics also fitted

Next Week


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