Week94 - 28Jul03

Another good week...

  • Fireplace tiles laid & grouted
  • Hall 2nd fix
  • An "odd job" day
  • Decorate the third (Helen's) bedroom
  • Homebuilding & Renovating magazine want to feature the house!

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The fireplace is finished at last.

The tiles are cut and laid out

1st the side "seats" are laid..


the main floor

time to reflect...

next I call for the "grouter"

the site we have waited for. Completed on the hottest day of the year! 31.5C here!

This week I also had an odds & ends day. No great progress but essential. A couple of doors needing a trim, smoke alarms fitted, external lights sensor etc

Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine

We have been approached for a feature in their magazine. Watch this space!

Plan for next week:

  • Collect another new Saab!
  • Internal fitting of Helen's wardrobe and 2nd fix 

Next Week


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