Week63 - 23Dec 2002

Progress this week:

I learn another new trade. The tiles were provided by Terracotta direct. I secured the price of £19.95/m 18 months ago! They stuck to the price and provided the adhesive, grout and linseed oil. The instructions were also very good. I had some very good advice on laying them. Start by finding the middle of the room and then lay out the tiles in all directions to make sure:

They are laid on a 3mm bed with 9mm (your choice really) joint. The tiles are very uneven by design but use a line to keep them as straight as possible. Lay whole tiles at this stage leaving all the cutting till later. Remember to remove all excess adhesive from the floor before it dries - it goes off quickly and very hard!

1st Tile laid...<
1st row..
so far so good!
Once they are all laid they will need at least 2 coats of linseed oil (applied by brush, rag or roller) and then a coating of wax before grouting. The excess grout will then wipe off. We will see! I can't lay anymore until the brick wall around the Range cooker is built (using the same bricks as the fireplace). Bricklayer scheduled for Week 65.
Using the only dry day this week - I finish laying the new water pipe with the help of my Brother-in-Law.
As an Aussie, he appreciated the British weather! Still waiting for a reply from Anglian Water!

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