The Housebuilder's Bible by Mark Brinkley

Essential reading - before you start and during the build. And it contains a chapter on our house!

6th Edition Published Oct 2004. ISBN 0-9524852-3-0

As of Aug 2015 now 11th edition!



Roger Peyton - Building Design Services

Roger is my designer & architect - he has been absolutely brilliant and comes highly recommended.


or call 01638-507543


or via: 35 Stetchworth Road, Dullingham, Newmarket, Suffolk. CB8 9UJ

Design/Project Management Software

I used HBXL software to quantity survey my plans. It produced material and labour requirements down to the last nail! It also allowed both on-line price updating  & ordering. The service also  included trade accounts with Jewsons, City Electrical, Banbury Bricks and much more. More suited to the professional builder and it did not cope well with the more unusual designs self-builders tend to favour. Cost around £70.

However, it has since been replaced with EstimatorXpress™  available in several editions. The one for us would be the Self Build edition costing £269! I have obviously not used it. There web site ( )says:

"Sleep easy knowing you're in financial control of your self-build project. Market leading EstimatorXpress™ from HBXL has to be the most valuable tool in your kit. Leaving nothing to guesswork, it calculates the costs & quantities of materials, labour & plant you'll need… what the wastage will be… tells you when to order things…gives you timescales…when to pay…the list goes on. With EstimatorXpress™ you'll be able to confidently go to your bank manager or mortgage lender with a well presented document that says you're sure of your figures and you mean business".

This will have been updated