Very useful web site from the magazine of the same name.


Design Software

I used HBXL software to quantity survey my plans. It produces material and labour requirements down to the last nail! Also allows both on-line price updates & ordering. The service also  includes trade accounts with Jewsons, City Electrical, Banbury Bricks and much more. More suited to the professional builder and does not cope too well with the more unusual designs self-builders tend to favour. Cost around £70.
A very informative site for all current or potential self-builders, for plots, insurance, suppliers, plans and much more visit


Solopark - one of the biggest in the country. Huge amount in stock.

Warranty for Self-Build

A new product for your self-build product. Uniquely, it does not require any additional inspections other than your Building Control Inspector, Architect or similar professional. Well worth a look.