Week101 - 15Sep 2003

A week off! (well almost)


We spent the week in Devon staying with some friends who own a pub in Dartmouth. Inevitably, we ended up working behind the bar! A nice break though. For security reasons - I obviously did not tell you in advance.

However... I could not spend a week doing nothing could I?

In the quiet moments I  therefore spent some time on eBay looking for a couple of items:

First a Generator

The generator is primarily for the pumps in the basement well. You may recall that the well collects water from:

Recent events in the USA and London have reminded us about the "reliability" of power supplies. It is clearly vital that these pumps have a constant source of power even during a power cut. An alternative AC power supply would obviously do this but I am also in the process of purchasing a battery/mains powered back up pump. I also need 220v AC for the rainwater pump - without it I can not refill the toilets. I would also like emergency lighting. For all these reasons I sought a generator. At 2100 Friday night, whilst enjoying an excellent Thai curry, I successfully bought one. Due to be delivered next week.

Next a Dining Room Table

Our new Dining room is very large and our existing oak table would be lost. I am in the process of bidding for what appears to be a beautiful table, perfect for my Dining Room. Bidding closes on Monday at 1000.Watch this space!

Next Week