Week104 - 6Oct 2003

This week..

3rd Fixing!

Recently, in a pub, I was discussing self-build projects with a fellow drinker. He was not a self-builder himself but made a comment which gave me a distinct pang of guilt. He said "You self-builders build some great houses, but why do you never finish them?"

I have lost count of the times I have shown people around the house with the saying "This is the xxx room, it obviously just needs the xxxx finishing." I have therefore resolved to fully complete those rooms I have "finished" before starting any more new ones! So this week I go back to the en-suite and the study....

En-Suite Boxing for the Waste Pipe

1st the frame
then 15mm MDF panels
this gives the strength
very fiddly under the cistern
next the T&G covering to match the walls
and finally the edging.
skilled carpentry!

The Study

A full set of shelves in the cupboard

A full set of shelves.
Wood & melamine

The Lounge

As the temperature cools, we need to block-off the ash pit to prevent drafts.

Using some oak flooring..
I make a cover for the ash pit in the fireplace