Week105 - 13Oct 2003

This week..

The En-Suite

Following on from last week's decision, I completely finish the en-suite.

for the panelling
Boxing around the bidet, the frame
then MDF and finally the panelling
next the skirting
Same skirting as the rest of the house but stained blue
A neat job....
if I say so myself!

Smoke Alarms

I have been putting this job off for weeks. I need 6 smoke alarms (1 on each floor, 2 in the long 1st floor corridor & 1 in my parents Annex) which under current regulations must be mains powered with battery back-up. They are also linked so that any one going off will activate all the others. This vitally includes the Annex for my parents and here was the problem. I had installed the wiring for the Annex but they got covered when the ceiling boards were fitted. I therefore had to get a new wire from the last smoke alarm to my parents end. In the end I had to route it via the attic, down through the ceiling into the cupboard in my study, down the wall through the newly fitted shelves (last week!) and finally through the floor to my parents lounge ceiling. Two hours plus & a lot of sweat!

As you know, I have tried to photograph everything but missed the location of this wire. Lesson? You can't take too many pictures!

Please see the Olympus Cameras announcement later on this page!

The wire comes through the ceiling via the shelves and through the floor
Smoke alarm fitted at last.