Week106 - 20Oct 2003

This week..

Study Blinds

First job this week was to fit the Venetian blinds for the Study. I bought these blinds in the USA at Home Depot (this is the US equivalent of B&Q or Homebase). They are made to measure while you wait and cost around £15each! Why do we get ripped off here in UK?

The blinds are well made..
and perhaps the only solution for these windows.

Unfortunately I made a mistake with the first two blinds - I bought them with the height & width transposed! So if you need a pair of blinds at a width of 39" they are yours for £20 the pair!

They have been sold!

CCTV System

Much of my work this week was involved with fitting the CCTV system. For obvious reasons, I am not going to reveal many details about the system but basically I have a camera at the front of the house which is deliberately very visible and a number of others which can not be seen. The cameras feed through a controlling monitor via a UHF modulator into the main TV distribution system so that the output of the system can be seen on any TV in the house.

The obvious camera..
The modulator & TV system
the controlling monitor.

The Dining Room

This week we fit the Curtains and Chandelier.

The last "naked" bulb goes at last!
The chandelier has over 50 individual parts!
Something I have always wanted!
Next the curtians.
Wooden poles..
and finally the curtians.
Ready for dinner!

The Snug

Boxing in the snug to hide the ventilation pipes.

Boxing for the ventialtion
MDF as usual