Week107 - 27Oct 2003

This week..

Main Bathroom

Main focus has been on the bathroom this week.

1st the walls get 2 coats of PVA glue..
then the ventilation pipes are boxed in..
the section through the shower also gets a coat of PVA..
then the tilling can begin..

Unfortunately, the supplier sent some incorrect tiles & I have now discovered that they will take 2-3 weeks to get the correct replacements. Work will now have to stop on the shower!

Bright Idea!

We have been trying to find the right wall unit for our bathroom for ages but the time rapidly approaching where we must find a solution. We know what we want but have nit been able to find it. On Friday this week we decided to try again. We were told that a supplier about 30 miles away had a good selection on display. They had nothing suitable on display but they did have some brochures which had almost exactly what we wanted. Unfortunately they were very expensive.

Then we had a brainwave. We have a 2m piece of worktop left from the kitchen it only came in 3m lengths) and two "spare" (my cock-up see week 68) kitchen wall cupboards. Could Pineland (who hand-built our kitchens) build us the bathroom unit we wanted? A quick call confirmed they could. So 0430 the next morning we leapt out of bed and drove 145 mls to meet George (one of their two designers) at 0745! All sorted by 0900 and back home by mid-day! The unit will incorporate (and of course match) out existing spare parts. Delivery before Christmas. Job done.

The "spare" cupboards..
Pineland at 0740 Sat morning!
Our designer George - starting work with the next customer
The workshop - all hand-made and solid wood. Contacts for Pineland can be found in the Links Section click here