Week109 - 10Nov 2003

This week..

Main Bathroom

The now familiar panelling of the bathroom can begin. To me this is the essence of self-building. The materials are a small part of this job (£60 ish) but the labour would be three times as much. Do it yourself = free. It is not difficult.

1st the battens
then the 9mm TG&V panelling can be tacked..
very quick and satisfying!
"hidden" supports are necessary for things such as the cistern
job done.
Total 100 sq/m

Shower Grouting

Bev has her usual job of grouting.

Again we use the Epoxy grout, it is the very best for the job but it is the very worst to work with.
I don't mention it very often!

External Tour

We have been concentrating on the inside of the house for so long thought it was time we had a tour around the outside of the house.

The view from the drive
the main front view
from the rear garden looking West
the courtyard and Mum's annex
from the other corner of the garden looking North-West
the rear of the garage