Weeks 11&12 - Dec 2001

This page covers the 2 weeks over Christmas & the New Year. We have continued with the groundwork, the garage roof and the internal work on the garage.

The groundworkers continue the slow process of fitting the steel.
Concrete is planned for next week, the basement fitting 10 days later.
The carpenter fitted the garage floor and...
completed the fitting ready for the plasterboard.
I have also fitted floorboards in the shed roof..
and fitted the rear door and the door frame for the connecting door.
The cross bracing of the rafters is completed in the old fashioned craftsman method - still the best!
The sap is starting to run out of the oak - quite normal.
On the roof the Tyvek breathable membrane is fitted. Unfortunately, I had some bad advice on the batten size. With the width of my trusses I needed 2" x 1" so this is only temporary.

Happy New Year! Next week