Week113 - 8Dec 2003

This week..

The Bathroom

The bath arrives at last but the chrome trap is missing so - it will be fitted next week! Bev has not had a bath for over a year so I guess another week won't change the smell much....

The bath arrives!
Meanwhile I continue the time-consuming job of boxing the pipes in the bathroom.
First the frame..
then the MDF
and finally the pine T&G.

Next we tile the kitchen

The original tiles we were recommended by our interior design expert were fantastic but - they were £370/sqm!!!!! We finally found some hand-made tiles for a quarter of the price which were almost as good - but still the most expensive tiles in the house by some margin! They were also far from subtle so we were particularly nervous when they arrived. Would we like them?

We have lived with the bare yellow walls for almost a year..
This is different..
Cutting around all those sockets was very time-consuming..
the final section behind the cooker
I could not fit the last 3 rows as I ran out of adhesive (Sunday night)
Bev managaed to grout two of the sections and they do look fantastic. We are delighted! What do you think?

BT's Home Highway ISDN Update

You will recall the on-going major dispute with BT (see Week 111). They have confirmed that they will not accept the liability for the damage that they admit has been caused by their software. The dispute now moves to the next step in the complaints procedure - an independent committee.

What have we done in the last two years?

Finally - it does no harm to look back at your achievements. So here is a new feature. A quick look at where we were one and two years ago.

Week 9 Here I was digging in what is now the basement!
Week 61This is the lounge! The kitchen tiles have just arrived.