Week116 - 29Dec 2003

This week..

The Final Grouting, the new Doors & some shelves

Bev completes the last grouting in the house!
The 1st of the new doors gets its coating of Danish Oil
I make some shelves using spare oak floor boards.

Stair Cupboard

Using one of the old scrap doors..
I make a stair cupboard door!

BT's Home Highway ISDN Update

You will recall the on-going major dispute with BT (see Week 111 and all weeks since). It has been unusable since May.

They have written to me this week saying that they are reviewing the way they handled my complaint - this may take some time but they will contact very soon.

From the Archives....

So we don't forget what we have achieved here is a quick look at what we were doing one and two years ago.

Two years age ( Week 12 ) Bev & I spent a Happy New Year in freezing conditions fitting the insulation to the garage roof.
One year ago, (Week 64 ) we bought our oak beam for the kitchen cooker surround.