Week125 - 1Mar 2004

This week..

Internal Doors

This week has been totally concerned with fitting the furniture to the internal doors - all 32 of them! I have used hand-made Suffolk Latches throughout. We are delighted with them but.... they are all hand made and therefore all slightly different. They do not come with any fitting instructions however and each fitting is therefore individual and time consuming - around 45 mins per/door. For the benefit of anybody who might fit these in the future then - here is my guide!

First the catch on the frame, cut out the architrave..
drill the frame & fit the catch.
next drill holes for the handle & use a coping saw to "join" the holes
then use a rasp to smooth the edges
the handle can then be fitted..
The back of the handle...
next the latch restraint
then finally position the latch...
drill & fit it. Job done.

BT's Home Highway ISDN Update

You will recall the on-going major dispute with BT (see Week 111 and all weeks since). It has been unusable since May.

My main computer (4 month old!) failed completely this week (hard disk failure) and had to be replaced. This week I shall re-install the BT software to see what happens!

To be continued.....

From the Archives....

So we don't forget what we have achieved here is a quick look at what we were doing one and two years ago.

Two years ago ( Week 21 ) big progress, the walls reach shoulder height. The house takes shape!
One year ago, (Week 73 ) the stairs have their 1st coat of stain.