Week127 - 15Mar 2004

This week..

BT's Home Highway ISDN Update

You will recall the on-going major dispute with BT (see Week 111 and all weeks since). It has been unusable since May.

After the BT technicians visit last week I have managed to get the duplex cable working for my network. I then un-installed the suspect device (the Belkin USB connector) and re-installed the BT software. It worked OK but ...... within an hour my computer started crashing again. Back to square one!

To be continued.....

From the Archives....

So we don't forget what we have achieved here is a quick look at what we were doing one and two years ago.

Two years ago ( Week 23 ) a significant date - the 1st flint is laid.
One year ago, (Week 75 ) the utility room (in the basement) is cleaned out ready for use.