Week133 - 26Apr 2004

This week..

Water Leak!

Bev sent me a text whilst I was in LA saying water was coming through the ceiling in the main bathroom! I know instantly what it was having noticed a few days ago that the silicone around the bottom of Laura's shower had developed a small gap. I had not realised the extent of the problem though.

Sorry about the quality of this picture (everything is white!) but if you click to enlarge it you can just make out the spilt silicone.
Fortunately, the water leaked through the boxing into the shower on the floor below!

The problem was caused (I believe) because the rear wall of the shower is a block wall that goes all the way to the ground floor, the other two walls of the shower & the tray are sat on the floor which is in-turn on the rafters. The rear wall has remained in its original position and the rest has settled a little thus opening a crack where the wall met the tray. In retrospect perhaps I should have loaded the floor outside the shower with the (heavy) floor tiles before grouting the shower. Who knows. Anyway, I cleared out the crack, re-grouted, applied new silicone and all is now fine.

Wooden Coving

The last of the wooden coving is fitted and the very last piece of skirting! (OK, apart from the bit on the stairs but that is different anyway)


Window Finishing

Apart from the spare bedroom (still too full of junk to move in there) all the remaining windows are now finished internally.

The final grills are stained
Fitting takes 2 mins and requires just these tools
The 1st is used to make a groove under the seal
The 2nd is used to push the retaining clip into the groove you have just made
The grill is then clipped into place
That's it!

Downstairs Loo Completed

The final capping (7.2m made to measure for £31) was fitted completing the bathroom.

Stair Staining

A job we have been desperate to do for months but - it was not a priority.

The Lincoln Imp

If you have ever lived in or near Lincoln (which we did for 7 years) or just visited the cathedral you will have heard of the Lincoln Imp. You haven't? Well...

One day, according to a very old legend, the Devil sent his Imps out to play, and the wind blew two of them all the way to Lincoln. At first they were so awestruck by the splendour of the Minster that they were afraid to enter. But soon one Imp plucked up courage, flew into the Cathedral where he tried to trip up the Lord Bishop, and to knock down the Dean, and teased the Vergers and choir. When he started to break windows the Angels told him to stop his wicked doings; he cheekily replied "Stop me if you can!". Whereupon he was at once turned into stone, and made to sit for evermore in cleft in the Angel Choir.

The Lincoln Imp is the best known of all the grotesque carved figures in the Cathedral. Its half human, half animal form was probably meant to represent the devil - a  popular theme for the sculptors of the 13th century. The stone figure of the Imp is about 12 inches high, and sits cross-legged high up between two arches on the north side of the choir.

When we returned to Lincoln for nostalgic weekend in Dec 2002 I saw a replica of the Imp in the Cathedral shop and instantly knew I wanted one to go high up above our stairs as a warning to my daughters and any other troublesome visitors. So.......


A Trojan Horse

This week my laptop suddenly refused to boot. All attempts failed and with a heavy heart I phoned the helpline (I have a three year warranty). They said I almost certainly had a Trojan Horse virus. Solution - reload the factory software which will wipe the hard-disc! Six hours later and the job was done!

BT's Home Highway ISDN Update

You will recall the on-going major dispute with BT (see Week 111 and all weeks since). It has been unusable since May 2003!

The BT technician arrived and installed the very latest software (I had the 1st copy) and so far it is all working fine. It has taken 11 months to get the system working but this fix will not work on my previous computer which still remains idle & useless. I have written to BT requesting compensation for my old computer, the 11 months I have been paying for the Home Highway which would not work, and for the hours I have wasted.

To be continued.....

From the Archives....

So we don't forget what we have achieved here is a quick look at what we were doing one and two years ago.

Two years ago ( Week 29 ) our 1st week with almost no progress as we wait for the elusive scafolders
One year ago, (Week 81 ). It is hard to believe that it was 1 year ago that we fitted the 1st piece of wooden architrave. Also the oak flooring (all 100sq/m of it!) was delivered.