Week15 - 21Jan 2002A very big step forward this week - the basement is fitted.

Everything arrived Monday morning as planned. The first lorry contained all the external & internal walls.
The Thermonex fitting kit arrived by trailer.
A 57 ton crane was next!
It could be seen from miles away - we were the talk of the village.
Within an hour the first wall is lifted into the hole.
All the walls were unloaded and laid in the hole.
The largest section was 13m long but only weighed 7.2 tons.
The maximum size they make is 15m.
The first wall is then fitted in place.
Bolts are screwed into pre-tapped threads in the bottom of the wall which in turn slot into holes drilled into the slab.
Brackets are then bolted to the wall and floor to temporarily hold the walls in place.
The next wall is then fitted etc etc.
End of Day 1 - all walls in place.
The internal walls are fitted in the same way.
Although the wall fitting and sealing was not complete we were now able to place the beams on top allowing the crane to leave at the end of Day 2.
Next the walls are pressure grouted.
The joints are then coated with a rubber adhesive and .........
sealed with Bitutheneā„¢.
Finally, large sheets of Geodrainā„¢ are stuck to the walls.
The blocks are laid in place over the beams with ceiling hangers for the rafters below.<
A basement with floor largely installed in one week.

There is probably one more days work finishing the block work and trimming the Geodrain. Then back-filling can commence. Because this method of construction is not well known, many people came for a look, some in an official capacity such as the local NHBC Engineer. I was pleased to receive a letter from him the next day with his comment: Clearly the quality of workmanship in manufacture and erection is very good, as I saw on site today

Next week..