Week21 - 4Mar 2002

The most spectacular week since the basement was installed. 

All external walls to head height.

The 1st wall takes shape. We finally made a decision on the windows this week. We opted for Anderson, wooden windows, plastic coated externally. Here you see the cavity closers which are made precisely to size, the windows will fit into these at a later date.
Anderson windows are made in the USA and are therefore imperial sizes - a row of headers are required under the window to make them fit. Full details for all types of construction are given ion the very comprehensive catalogue.
Holly gives the floor its final inspection!
The kitchen takes shape.
The courtyard and front door.
The specialist air vents for the fire vents
A view from the workshop
The cavity closers are delivered individually packed. They take approximately 2 mins to assemble. Typical cost is £30 for a 1200x1200 window against an estimated cost of £37 for self-made closers. With 34 windows I would not have had time to make them and their fit would not have been so accurate.
The cavity closers also include the insulation required by Building Regs.
On the right one of the problems of using Pot & Beam floors. The soil pipe in the kitchen needed to come up where a beam was situated (between the pipe and the loose brick). Some extra pipe work will be required.
We decided to renew the old sewer connection down to the mains.
The old one was 20 plus years old our decision was a good one - we discovered that the pipe had broken at the entry point to the brick manhole


I have also found that I must resist the temptation to "get my hands dirty" on every possible day I can. One day a week catching up with the paperwork and forward planning is essential.

Next week onwards and upwards!