Week22 - 11Mar 2002

This week: walls continue upwards, some major decisions and a trip to the Homebuilding & Renovating Show at the NEC!

A view from the North, and .....
.... the inside of the same wall. Because the walls of the basement come 300mm thick we have used thicker 150mm blocks on the staircase walls up to the roof (centre of the wall). This will make plastering and finishing seamless
The old bungalow will soon be dwarfed by the new house.
The full floor plan!
The main front wall (adjacent to the bungalow) and the small one opposite (facing into the courtyard) are the ones containing flint.
These walls are constructed with 100mm inner leaf, 65mm cavity, 100mm middle leaf and a further 100mm outer leaf of either brick or flint as required.
The groundworks (with the exception of water supply) are complete and back-filled.
Within a week we will need scaffolding which we will hire. Scaffold hire does not however include trestles and boards for internal work. These will be required at least as long as the scaffold. You will have to hire or buy. We need 16 pairs of trestles which to hire will be around £2 each per week (plus VAT and not reclaimable). I made a few phone calls and managed to buy 16, almost new, from my local hire company for £12 each. I have already sold them for £5 each when I have finished! Every little helps!


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