Week23 - 18Mar02

Another week of good progress:

After our trip to the NEC we return to find 6 tons of flint....
all of which needs washing. The flint was covered in mud, this must be removed before it can be laid. Using a normal power-washer, allow approximately 2-3 hours per ton!
Anyway, I had it done by Monday morning when "Yogi" started work.
The 1st flint was laid at 0935.
Don't expect rapid progress, this is the end of the week.
10 sq/m laid, out of 45 sq/m total. At least a month's work
Meanwhile the internal walls are almost complete to head height
and the scaffolding arrives.
The reclaimed bricks for the fireplace arrive. It is not necessary to go to a specialist reclamation yard, these came from my major supplier - Ridgeons.
The retaining wall for the garden takes shape using every bit of old brick & block we can find!
The front leaf will however have face bricks.
With an operational sewer I intend to get the house loo on-line this week. This will save £30/week on the temporary one - a worthwhile saving!

The simple task of ordering the lintels proved extremely frustrating! I took advantage of IG Lintels free design service and, after negotiating a very substantial discount on the list prices, decided to go with them. We (actually my architect) was not convinced by their plan so he suggested we ask the local rep to call in and double check. Some changes were made and I then placed the order. De-coding the plan was not straightforward and I did not begin to spot the errors until they arrived and I began laying them out around the house. It then transpired that they had specified some for the Dormer windows and some for a 100mm wall cavity. They had also specified some "specials" (i.e. non-stock and therefore expensive) where we could have used standard items. Lesson? Lintels may be boring but you need to check the "experts" spec very carefully. Yogi (our cynical bricklayer!) said they would cock it up - he was on the money as usual.

We even got an article in the local paper this week! mainly focusing on the idea of re-cycling the water and using a heat pump for the central heating/hot water

Next week's schedule: