Week24 - 25Mar 2002

Another week of good progress:

Walls complete to lintel level

1st lift & 1st sun bathing of the year. 21C!

The bricklayers fight over who will lay the 1st brick for the fireplace!
The white blocks in the middle are ceramic firebricks.
The groundworkers are finished for now. There final task to build a ramp up to the garden using up all available rubble and the last of the steel reinforcement left over from the basement.
Some of the JJI joists are installed. This is very simple, they are very light & easily handled by one man.
The plan and schedule were straightforward and came pre-covered in plastic (why can't other suppliers do that!). The rep also came to the site to make sure the carpenter understood all the fitting instructions - all part of the price.
Good Friday, drilling and bolting together the steel/wood which will support the gable wall. If the brickies could get some sun so could I!
A loo, basin and bath for £20 from the local paper,...
a few bits of pipe, a sheet of ply, a couple of hinges and our loo is complete!
Plus the brickies bible of course.........

I am tasked with making a wooden lintel to allow the brickies to form the arch over the fireplace (it will be higher than this!)

Next week:

Happy Easter!