Week25 - 1Apr 2002

Another week of good progress:

The superb weather continues. It is almost too good, flint can not be laid in warm weather after 15:30 ish as the cement between the flints must be smoothed and finished before it completely goes off. This could wait until the next morning in Winter.
Bev says flint laying is easy and Yogi is making a meal of it.
She is dragged up the scaffolding to prove it!
The JJI joists are fitted by one man in 2 days.
They are "blocked in" immediately!
The fireplace continues until we run out of bricks.
Another 1000 were due Wednesday - still not here on Monday morning!
was very unimpressed with CELCON this week. I have now had 3 compete lorry loads (220m or 2,200 per load) of blocks and need the final 160m. When asked for a delivery date they say "part loads are only delivered when we are in the area". This could mean, apparently, 2 weeks. I think this is an outrageous policy, the chances of anybody wanting a precise number of loads are zero. Ridgeons can deliver from stock (2 days) but the cost is 20% higher.
The weather on Sunday was so good, we had a BBQ amongst the flint, bricks & scaffolding!

Next week: