Week26 - 8Apr 2002

Another good week:

The brickwork continues, next scaffold lift due Monday.
Upstairs takes shape
My study appears and a 1st look at the view I will have.
The flint work progresses but it became apparent that we did not have enough materials. With 26 sq/m (out of 46) complete we had used 5 tons. We should have (according to the supplier) have achieved 7.4 sq/m per ton but we are actually achieving 5.5 sq/m per ton. Consequently we need another 2 tons. Fortunately this does not change the labour cost (£110/m) the flint only costs £250/ton. An extra £500 on the final bill.
I don't know where the error is, the wastage (shown here) seems about the 10% I calculated?
The extra bricks for the fireplace did not arrive until Friday (8 days late) so progress on the fireplace was limited.
Nonetheless the smaller fireplace on the other wall takes shape.
My weekend job was preparing all the shuttering and steel for the reinforced ceiling of the fireplace which we hope to pour on Monday.

Next week:

Oh, the radio interview? It went well but we spent most of the time talking about my other (real) job - flying!