Week28 - 22Apr 2002

Roof trusses:

A crane on-site again! Make sure you budget for this, Health & Safety prohibits lifting of all large/heavy materials etc.
Also be prepared for cancellation if it is windy, we were extremely lucky with the weather again.
Thursday night and time for a BBQ again! The roof truses were deigned and built (as with the garage) by Aspect Roofing. I have been most impressed with their service.
Perlins (the large steel girders supporting the roof where the design is half-dormer) are fitted.
A close up of he perlins and the steel to support the edge of the gable wall over the upstairs corridor.
It is very easy to add little details at the planning stage (in this case a change from full height to half-dormer mid-way down the wall) without realising the implications in structure and of course cost. They add character but are very difficult to budget.
We took the opportunity with the crane to put as much of the floorboards and plasterboard upstairs as possible.
The house really takes shape.

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