Week2 - 22Oct 2001

I had to work from Saturday through to Tuesday lunch time so missed:-

Torrential rain which flooded several local towns, and our footings!
Tony & Wayne (the groundworkers) worked miracles and managed to drain the site allowing the 1st blocks (concrete) and bricks to be laid
The walls to DPC were completed by the end of Monday
You need to dedicate planning time to when and where you want materials. It is no good waiting till they arrive, trucks want to unload and go asap! Also beware the size of lorry you can accept. The lorry that delivered these blocks could not get up the drive so they were dumped at the bottom - 30m from where they were to be used! That pleased the brickies!
As the lorries were trashing the sides of the drive - I decided to formalise the widening!
A valuable lesson I learnt from an earlier project (at my previous house) was to photograph anything you may need to find at a later date. In this case the pipework for the electricity supply to the main house.
The slab base prepared with the limestone. Have everything ready to hand before concrete arrives - it is delivered very quickly.........
Good morning! (Slightly later than planned - I introduce a hard-hat policy)
Plastic laid on top of the limestone ready for the concrete
The base concrete arrives - GEN 3 again.
I drive the digger, Tony & Wayne rake & level
It is then tampered
As mentioned earlier, do not leave yourself short of concrete but have a plan ready to usefully employ any excess. We used our left-overs to start the footings for the retaining wall which will span the garden. The site slopes from back to front.
The "Boss" cleaning the plant - essential after any contact with concrete
A test dig to analyze soil below the basement in the main house: medium density boulder clay with 20-40 plasticity. Good apparently.