Week32 - 20May 2002

Another week of good progress

Yogi & Dick on the summit of the chimney. Engineering bricks are used to cap the chimney (for frost protection)
A unusual view from the new chimney over our old bungalow to the Grade II listed building across the road - source of many of our planning constraints!
The black anti-bird caps for the chimney caused a bit of a problem.
They are designed for 250mm internal diameter pots/flu linings. The industry standard appears to be 225 or 300mm. I eventually purchased a 2' section of flu liner from a specialist supplier which I was able to cut into 4 pieces.
The finished product.
Don't underestimate the total cost of adding a fireplace to your design. Including footings, design, bricks materials & labour etc - mine will have cost approaching £10,000.
Like the garage, we have opted for a warm roof. 40mm of insulation held in place with 2"x1" counter batten, covered in Tyvec™  (breathable membrane) and finally 50x40mm batten. This batten is much thicker & stronger than "normal" batten but essential for the safety of the tilers (with trusses at 600mm centres) and also necessary using slates to prevent bounce (and therefore breakage) when nailing the slates. It is also 4 times as expensive!
Warning, if you are starting your project after 1 Apr 2002 the new Building regs will demand 60mm insulation - much more expensive! In fact the new regulations will add considerably to the cost of all new houses. Make sure you take them into account in your planning.
The carpenters continue: gables for the dormers......
small noggins between the joists which will support the insulation which will support the under-floor heating.
I have tried to stain all the wood before it is fitted to the roof - close coordination with the carpenter required!
The latest view from the rear of the house.

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