Week37 - 24Jun 2002

This week...

With the under-floor heating fitted, the floor boards can at last be laid.

I am increasingly impressed with the Anderson windows in all respects.
The inside of the windows are natural wood and must be treated as soon as they are fitted. They have even made this easy however; all the parts that need treatment are lightly tacked in and can be removed by hand for easy finishing.

They are then re-fitted and pinned.

The ridge tiles are fitted...
..as are the vents for the whole-house ventilation system.
With the floor-boards laid, and just the necessary plasterboards in place...
..the stud walls take shape on the 1st floor.
and on the 2nd floor.

With the highest part of the roof complete, I am able to take down the 2nd lift of the scaffolding revealing the house for the 1st time.

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