Week38 - 1Jul 2002

This week...

Despite the unseasonable amount of rain, another section of the roof is tiled & the final section is covered in.

Stud wall work continues.

The main event this week is the start of the fitting of the whole-house ventilation system (contact details on the links page) from ADM Ltd. The system consists of a number of independent closed systems (3 in my case). The concept is very simple.
The heart of each system is the fan-unit - shown installed above. This has two separate loops, one draws fresh air from the vents in the roof, passes the air through the heat exchanger (taking the heat from the outgoing air) before distributing it around the house to the "dry" rooms. The other loop extracts hot/humid/smelly air from wet (bathroom) or smelly (kitchen/loo) returning through the heat exchanger before venting to atmosphere via the other vents in the roof. This a constant gentle flow of air is constantly flowing from dry to wet rooms

The heat exchanger before and after installation.

ADM do all the flow-rate calculations and produce a colour-coded plan showing all ducts, vents etc for the house. The ducts are delivered in 3m lengths.

I intended to fit the system myself, ADM assured me that it was comfortably within the capabilities of any reasonable DIYer and they actively encourage self-builders. The service includes provision of all the necessary components for self-fitting along with comprehensive instructions - they will fit the system if required.
I have been most impressed with their helpful attitude. I was particularly impressed when a representative from the company (Brian Singleton) offered to visit the site when all the parts had been delivered to "talk me through" the installation plan, he also gave me a lot of useful tips aid the process.

Installation is very simple. Having fitted the unit, the ducts are simply cut to length and joined by push fit connectors. These comprise "T"s, 90s, 45s and straight joints. The joints are sealed with plastic tape (not shown here) and then insulation wrapped around the joints. The ducts are quite thin and a little tricky to cut with a hand saw, with an electric saw it is simple. More details next week!

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