Week39 - 8Jul 2002

This week...

Apart from the front porch, the house roof is finished. We are delighted with the slates and the superb job Warner Roofing made of laying the slates.
The tilers also finished the Bow windows with lead flashing.
The same window seen from the inside.
I continue to fit the ventilation system. The basic connectors:
  • 90 deg bend
  • "T" connector
  • Round to square connector
  • Square duct connector
  • Collar
  • The only part of the system you will see - the ceiling vent
  • Not shown are a 45 deg bend  and round duct connectors
Square vent used where space it too tight for the preferred round ducting.
One of three independent systems is virtually complete. It probably took 3-4 full days for me to install but I have learnt a lot from this one and the others should be quicker and easier.
For example, this is the suggested method of solving the "chicken & egg" situation of needing to install the vent connectors in the ceiling plaster-board but being unable to connect them once the boards are in place - if you follow me! Solution, an artificial small piece of "ceiling" (ply) is fitted between the trusses, the plaster board can then be fitted and the hole opened up

Wherever possible, ducting is obviously hidden. Occasionally, ducts have to get from one floor to another. Here an extraction duct must route from the Kitchin on the ground floor to the unit on the 2nd floor through the bedroom on the 1st floor. Solution? Put it inside the wardrobe - yet to be built.

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