Week3 - 29Oct 2001

A slightly frustrating week; some landscaping, some late deliveries but a lot of decision making and ordering.

The entrance to newly piped ditch is finished with concrete blocks, capped with 50 year-old engineering bricks from the original path. These bricks now fetch £1 each apparently!
Top soil from the footings is spread over the ditch.
The tree at the top of the drive is to be retained. I intend to turn it into a mini roundabout with a retaining brick wall containing some form of built-in lighting.
The 1st load of bricks finally arrived on Thursday. They were due on the Monday or Tuesday but the supplier claimed he had not received the faxed order. Lesson: always request confirmation of receipt. The bricklayers therefore went to another job causing a delay of 3 or 4 days. Very frustrating in a week of excellent weather - 21C in November!
Things got worse - the 2nd pallet collapsed during off-loading breaking 150 bricks (I made a mental note to buy some boots with steel toe caps!) Also, there were only 11 pallets totalling 6,800 bricks. I had ordered a minimum delivery of 7,200 (my calculation for the garage). Discussions to make good the shortfall and breakages are in hand!