Week40 - 15Jul 2002

This week...

Final external work necessary from the scaffolding.
External grills are fitted to the windows (see below), guttering, staining of bargeboards and facia, pudlick holes filled, dormers ready for rendering.

The last room has the under-floor heating pipes fitted and then the floor-boards.

The door frames are fitted.
Wardrobe frame complete.
One of the window boards is fitted.
We are so impressed with the Dulux Woodsheen stain giving such a realistic "Oak effect" on the pine windows that that we have decided to use pine (stained) for the window sills, doors & frames, skirting and architrave rather that the Oak we originally planned. This will be a considerable saving. We are still planning to use real Oak for the floors however as the floor boards need the toughness of Oak.

The Anderson windows continue to impress me. This week I fitted the external grills to the upstairs windows. This is a very simple process. In our case, each window is split into "four panes" using three pieces of plastic grill. They come cut precisely to size complete with self-adhesive, the cover of which (red) is peeled off. They are extremely adhesive so it is very important to get them in the correct place 1st time!

The blank pane..
the horizontal grill fitted..
Then the lower vertical grill..
and finally the upper one.
The finished window.

Next Week

Fortuitously, I now have 26 days off work just as we reach the stage where I can do lot of the work!