Week45 - 19Aug 2002

This week...

This week I continue to fit the 1st fix electrics. If you are put-off from touching electrics (as many seem to be) fear not! I found a recommendation to get the Which Book of Wiring and Lighting on a self-build web site. I got it from the library - it is superb. As the Guardian's critic says on the cover "If you don't see how to do it here - don't do it." It really is superb and covers everything I believe I will need to wire the entire house. I shall not repeat everything from the book but unashamedly admit that my new-found knowledge is almost entirely due to this book! See the Electrics Page in the Links section for details of how to buy this book on-line.

So let us begin.........

What you can not do.

What you can do.

So where do you begin. Let's have some definitions we will need:

That is all we really need to know for this stage. Now you have to do is plan your circuits, where you want lights, sockets and switches etc.

For 1st fix it is simply a matter of laying the cable in the right places and fitting the socket, switch and light mounting boxes. To fit the mounting boxes in stud walls you simply make a square hole in the plasterboard using a jig saw. Solid (block) walls present a different problem........

You could simply use  a hammer and chisel. There is an easier way though! A drill that makes square holes!

This tool is great and worth the £70. It comprises three items, a drill bit, a round hole maker and the square hole maker.
You drill a pilots hole to the right depth, follow up with the round cutter which removes the majority of the hole then follow up with the square cutter. The result......
a neat square hole in a minute or so!
You repeat the process along side for a double socket.
Fitting the mounting boxes, feeding in the cable and nailing the plastic cable protection over the top is then straightforward.
Go on - you can do it!
Also this week, the Fermacell for the stud walls arrived. I have opted for this rather than conventional plasterboard because it is very tough, three screws will allegedly support a shelf that you can sit on!
The window boards were also fitted.
Finally the plumbers came back to continue the 1st fix plumbing.

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