Week48 - 9Sep 2002

This week...

Finding good plasterers is very difficult - I have been very lucky. Unfortunately, they were let-down on the job scheduled before mine and asked to come a week early! I could not let them go so final preparations had to be completed very quickly! Plumbers, carpenters & the electrician (me!) were working flat out!

The plastering begins.....
and progresses very quickly!
The entire top floor (2 bedrooms, en-suite and landing)...
completed in 2 days!

They are skilled craftsman & make the job look easy. It is not. The finished product however is quite superb, adjectives to describe it's quality elude me!

The main bathroom shower tray is fitted.
I am very pleased to find that almost all the pipework can be hidden between the floor & ceiling below.

I was caught out by the speed of decisions with the plumbing. The shower trays for example must (or ideally should) be fitted before plastering. The plasterboard will lap over the edge of the tray, followed by plaster or tiles and then mastic. In addition I had to chose the shower units themselves as they must be fitted inside the stud walls. They will be fitted next week!

I knew nothing about soil & vent pipes, frankly they are not very exciting! However, you need to think about them at an early stage - certainly earlier than me! Basically, a pipe must be vented to atmosphere from the highest soil down-pipe. This usually means an ugly (and by definition tall) pipe up the side of the house or through the roof. Having already had the roof fitted, my NHBC man suggested I run one through the attic on the top floor and just have a small amount of pipe protruding from the wall. A great, neat, suggestion but I wish I had done it while the scaffolding was still there! That is the tallest ladder I have been up!

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