Week53 - 14Oct 2002

Another good week. Progress inside and out.

2nd fix Electrics

I begin the 2nd fix electrics - the crunch. Will it all work?

Outside lights wired
Kitchen from outside
The kitchen from the hall
Kitchen low-voltage lights

We opted for low-voltage lights in the kitchen. Several friends/colleges have said that they liked the lights but got them in the wrong place/quantity. I bought a single light and spent some time trying the positions in the ceiling - in the dark. This was time well spent as the ideal positions turned-out to be very different from what  had expected. I am confident that they will be correct when the units are fitted. We have a total of 15 lights, 4 over the main unit, 3 over the sink unit, 4 over the island and four (on a separate dimmable circuit) over the table. We also have wiring for un under unit strip lights.

In 2014 we replaced the lights with LEDs - they were not available in 2002.

Decorating continues - the kitchen has the 1st coat of magnolia

The groundworkers continue the final clear-up...

The trench is dug for the drive edgeings
The patio pre-laying preparations are complete.
The courtyard which will be a mix of slabs & grass.
We will use half of a circle of slabs to create the steps to the higher-level lawn.

All of the old rubble was "lost" under the patio before it was blinded with sand and "whacked".


The lounge walls are floated
The fireplace in Mum's Annex is skimmed

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