Week56 - 4Nov 2002

Progress this week

Patio work continues, the start of the semi-cicular steps..
The area by the front door finished...
the path to the shed...
and the join to the ramp (for lawn mowers etc)
Painting continues, sister & ....
mother have a go!
This week a problem with my French Drain basement pumps. One failed.
Here I must praise David Bucknell from Basetec (the supplier). He agreed to come and fix the pump in situ. Not an easy job!
Even better, he replaced the faulty pump with a newer, higher spec pump from Little Giant. Free of charge.

One of my more serious errors this week. What is wrong with this picture?
and this one?
There should be a hole like this! I took endless measurements, thousands of digital pictures and video. But I did not do it for the vents. These are in every room and were positioned using ply. The carpenter just had to make a small hole. He missed some. I did not notice until this week when trying to fit the vents. Some serious detective work is now required. I have also managed to source a "Stud Wall" detector from USA - hope that works. Lessson? Take even more pictures!

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