Week57 - 11Nov 2002

Progress this week

I managed to dig myself out of the ventilation problem mentioned last week after a considerable amount of detective work. Wasted a day though... Otherwise the week was very productive............

Circular steps continue..
bad weather prevented completion
The pre-screed preparation starts on the ground floor.
For floors that will have oak, this consists of battens screwed to the beams @ 400mm centres. Insulation is then packed in between. All the other (non-oak) floors will have insulation, UFH and chicken wire.
The laying of the 1st battens is critical. They must be level to ensue the oak floor is level. We used packers made of ply of varying thickness. When this is complete, cross battens will be added to reach finished floor level. The UFH pipes will then be fitted & finally the cement & sand screed will be added.
Decorating continues, the kitchen..
the basement prior to staircase fitting (Laura on the brush!)..
and the Dining Room..
a bold colour!
Finally, the front door(s) receive primer, 2 coats of undercoat & then gloss. They will be glazed before fitting.

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