Week59 - 25Nov 2002

Progress this week

The front (external) doors are fitted
Painted white outside, stained inside
There is a problem with this door however.
As this picture shows, there is a very clear and unaccetable colour difference between sections of the door.

The doors were manufactured by Jeld-Wen and supplied through Ridgeons. One of the doors was fine, the other was not. I contacted the Ridgeons Rep who was very helpful. He came to see the door and agreed that it was not acceptable. He contacted Jeld-Wen who wrote back to him saying colour variation does occur and there was no point in them sending a rep. I was livid. Ridgeons agreed whatever the outcome with Jeld-Wen to order a replacement door.

I brought to the attention of Ridgeons the notes in the opening paragraph on Page 94, of their 2002 catalogue for the sale of Jeld-Wen products which describes my doors:

"......Panels are MDF, veneered with clear Douglas Fir. This method of construction makes the door less susceptible to bowing and twisting as well as giving an evenly matched colouring throughout the product. All doors are supplied 'in the white' for decoration by staining or painting to your colour scheme." (My underlining)

Ridgeons agreed that the doors clearly did not meet this statement.

I will keep you updated.

The final structural part of the fireplace, 6mm steel plate to cover the airbox.
and Mum's fireplace.
The final pre-screed preparations are complete. Battens, insulation and heating pipes.
and for rooms without batten, chicken wire to prevent the concrete cracking.

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