Week5 - 12Nov 2001

A relatively quiet week, the garage walls are completed to the 1st Floor, more decisions reached, some ordering and a quick self-build over the weekend!

First real chance to see our chosen bricks - Hoskins Georgian Multi's
We are very pleased.
Smooth faced blocks complete the inside walls.
Block walls longer than 6m need a break (to avoid cracking) - we have "hidden" it above the door.
For some light relief at the weekend, I decided to use the roof panels from the old car-port to make a wood shed.
Hard hats were essential for the apples falling on our heads!
Plywood originally purchased as wheelbarrow runs form the walls!

Painters called in (double time at weekends!)
The end product!

Next week will also be quiet as we are wait for the roof trusses. The following week however (19 Nov) will see the main task begin. We shall begin excavating for the cellar for the house whilst the roof trusses and the 1st floor are fitted to the garage.

Decision on the heating finalised this week. We shall use a ground heat pump with conventional (albeit aluminum) radiators for heating but also using separate fan-coil radiators for the three rooms we intend to air-condition.