Week64 - 30Dec 2002

Progress this week

With the heating on we were finally able to move the kitchen units into the house from the garage where they have sat since 11 April! Some draws/doors were tight or would not open but within 48 hours they were fine.

Bev has her 1st look at the kitchen!
We lay the units in the lounges, this is Mum's
Both kitchens have wooden sink tops for Belfast sinks, Mum's..
cupboards above the cooker
Our sink unit
vegetable draws
stand-alone dresser made to match
We also managed to sauce an oak beam for the kitchen. We found the oak beam for the Range Cooker brick surround at Solopark reclamation centre (see Useful Sites page). We were very pleased, they said it was at least 200 years old (I counted 70 rings so it probably started life circa 1730) and it cost just under £50 for a 1.9m length.
We finally got all the parts together allowing us to connect and commission the rain water recycling system. All the down pipes terminate at one pipe where it enters the basement and flows through a 1mm filter. The clean water flows out of the bottom...
into the first of three inter-connected 1500ltr tanks
The system provides water on demand via an electric pump.
In the unlikely event of a drought - mains is used to top up a very small internal tank. This picture is looking into the tank.
1st job - connect the hose pipe.
New worker on site! Our friends from Dartmouth visit - they built their own house a few years ago - so straight to work - never mind the snow!
We connect the down pipes
I have to get extra supplies in though......

Next Week