Week68 - 27Jan 2003

Progress this week

The main focus this week has been fitting the kitchen units & worktops. They are all hand-made by Pineland Kitchens - we are absolutely delighted with the finished product for quality & price.

The units are fitted....

Time to savour our work....
The stand-alone dresser..
1st base unit...
sink unit with wooden work top - Belfast sink to come
Island unit with electrical socket
This was a mistake on my part these should have been either side of the cooker...
but I have put some electrical sockets there. Pineland made me two new matching cupboards within 10 days.
The edging (supplied) is easy to fit. It is screwed to the worktop edge and the trim is then re-fitted.
Skirting fitted
The ventilation unit on the 2nd floor is covered in with MDF and painted

Internal doors fitting was the other priority this week. We wanted cottage style ledge and brace doors which are easy to find. However, because we have more than 3 floors (4 actually|) in part of the building, this part of the house needs firs doors. Ledge & brace fire doors are not available - unless you know better! Solution? Make our own!
A standard door..
Fire doors (in the basement) - Ugh!
We make our own matching fire doors
They are 3 inches thick though! Tough hinges required!