Week72 - 24Feb 2003

Progress this week

A good week.

I learnt another "new trade" this week (having had a lot of advice) tiling the en-suite on the 2nd floor. The most important part of this is to ensure it is water tight. First all the walls have several coats of UPVC glue. Then the joints are sealed with silicon. Then the tiles will be fixed using water-proof adhesive. It will then be grouted with epoxy grout and finally sealed with silicone.

The shower has three walls to be tiled. Two are plasterboard, one cement.
1st wall done
The "tiler" at work!
Job done. Grouting next week.

Next I turned my attention to the walk-in wardrobe at the end of the "repunzle" tower on the 2nd floor. You may recall that this was not in the original spec but having seen the space I decided to make it into a walk-in wardrobe.

This was the void that I wanted to use. To form a doorway we had to remove one of the cross-braces..
This meant adding a steel support in the floor below..
The wall and the new door now..
The angles make all work slow & tricky. First I need noggins to support the panels...
I used 4"x2" to give strength to the odd-fitting joints
The view of the ceiling