Week73 - 3Mar 2003

Progress this week

I continue working on the wardrobe. This is tricky but rewarding work. It would be very expensive if labour costs were included!

Panelling begins with 5mm MDF
Cheap & effective
4"x2" for the lower stud walls
Ventilation pipes in the background
Main stud wall panelled
Light fitted
and the ceiling

Next we turned our attention to grouting the shower we tiled last week. We use an epoxy grout to guarantee water resistance but it proves very difficult to work with. Bev volunteers to have a go and proves more adept than me. She definitely has a flair for this having done the kitchen floor previously. Obviously needs a woman's touch! She was greatly cheered up when I immediately awarded her the grouting contract for the remainder of the tiling: 4 floors, 2 showers and a bathroom!

The "grouter" at work!
Job done!
To avoid favouritism, I allowed Laura (my youngest daughter) to paint the Study...
Looking towards the snug door
Finally for this week, Mum started some landscaping on the drive
Grass seed is ordered and will be sown shortly