Week74 -10Mar 2003

Progress this week

1st tile laid using 3mm bed of flexible adhesive
this is the easiest tiling yet. Flat floor, symetrical tiles and 6mm spacers
4 hours - job done
At least 24 hours later, Bev does the grouting
Again this is much easier than the epoxy grout used in the shower
The bottom half of the basin unit which will be plumbed next week

Back to the wardrobe..

100x50mm CLS used to provide support for hanging rails
The walls are then painted and the rails attached
Bedroom and wardrobe complete ready for carpet next week


This was the patio back in October 2001...
Mum has worked so hard, I bought her a present. 4 tons of top soil!
She was delighted and imediately set to work...
with her shovel and barrow...
to fill the patio!
We have rolled the top soil to make it flush with the slabs to allow easy cutting.It will be seeded shortly.