Week77 - 31Mar 2003

Progress this week

The downstairs loo 2nd fix..
civilisation at last!
The old (temporary!) loo is finally removed. If I had had a portable loo till now it would have cost me £1000!

Priority now switches to my parents' end of the house. First the kitchen & entrance porch terracotta tiling. If you intend to do something similar - as ever - preparation is everything. Plan where you want to cut tiles and then mark lines on the entire floor. You will need to click on the 1st picture to see the lines.

Lines drawn, 1st tiles laid.
progress is now rapid
4 hours later...
then the entrance porch
another two hours
next the 1st of 2 coats of linseed oil is applied
all hands on deck!
after two coats of oil and a coat of wax (to seal the tiles) they can be grouted
this is realy a 2-man (or a man & a woman!) job
another 5 hours work!

Next I finish the inside of the two wardrobes. Conventional wardrobes have just one rail at about 1.4m above the ground. In fact most clothes do not need a rail any more than 1m high. I therefore put two rails above each other in one cupboard - a conventional rail and a large shelf in the other (not shown here)

The top rail..
and the lower one.