Week79 - 14Apr 2003

Progress this week

Priority continues to be my Parent's end of the house - target finish date their Golden Wedding anniversary on 23 May. This week:

I start work fitting the units..
It is quiet straightforward. The main aim is to get the units level. The uneven floor makes life a little difficult.
the water pipes are boxed in..
the kick boards are fitted
very simple.
Fitting the worktops requires special tools if there is a join..
a template is needed to cut shaped recesses for the ...
special bolts that draw the worktops together. A job for the carpenter.
With the worktops fitted I can fit the edging strips
Job done. Just the sink & one more bit of boxing to come.

Also this week...........

The bath, basin & loo are fitted
I remove the wall lights from the bungalow (originals from 1953!), rewire them and fit them in the Bedroom