Week7 - 26Nov 2001

The serious work started this week.

The roof trusses arrived & had to be carried up the drive. The "double-trusses"  required 4 men and a visit to the chiropractor for me!
The first bucketful for the house as seen from the kitchen & conservatory!. Because we are building a basement, the depth of the required footings (2.85m) requires a 7 ton digger. As the hirer you are responsible for insuring the plant. The value of the digger was £30,000 but most self-build policies (including mine) only cover items to £20,000, the extra cover cost £194 for 4 weeks - a 20% increase!
I get to drive the dumper (3-ton) for a day.
A 2.85m trench is a serious hazard - great care is needed.
The required depth is accurately recorded!
Two days work generates 6 x 20ton loads for "muck-away".
I have estimated 25 loads at £125 each.
Mum surveys the damage from the kitchen. This can be a very stressful time for all involved - so far so good but don't over-estimate the good will!