Week80 - 21Apr 2003

Progress this week

Priority continues to be my Parent's end of the house - target finish date their Golden Wedding anniversary on 23 May. This week:

1st a frame is constructed to support the panel & a sloping shelf at the foot of the bath

Next a panel of MDF is fitted and then given a coat of PVA to seal it
I then panel it with the tongue & groove left over from the doors!
and finally add the skirting.
Box in the soil pipe...
then tile the walls. As the wall had already been painted it was important to scrape the surface to provide solid adhesion
2 hours work
finally the grouting.
The panel was then stained.
Job done!

Also this week...........

Some boxing in the kitchen...
I also converted the street lamp from conventional bulbs to sodium.
The effect is much better and a 75W bulb gives 150W light.
The final plug socket is fitted - number 90! Made up of: Basement-7, ground floor-39, 1st floor-33 & 2nd floor-11!

Finally this week we give the new kitchen the ultimate test. We call in a Master chef to make his speciality - Pizza!

The dough...
and the finished product! Cheers!